Riverside, California


M.S. Analytical Chemistry

U.C. Riverside

Contract projects

Weekly on-site work

Full-time Position


DBA Laurie Mena

As an IT Generalist, a wide range of services are available.

  • Online Training - Content, Programming, Database, Testing
  • Technical Writing
  • Document Editing, including Scientific and Medical Research papers
  • Education Content

  • Magazines and other Print Media

    Properly-designed print images are radically different from web images in resolution (how many dots per inch), color modes, and file format. RGB color images on the web are typically CMYK with most printing presses, although the newest press equipment resembles photo processing and uses RGB.

  • Editing Technical Documents and Medical Journal Articles

    A Master's degree in Analytical Chemistry helps one to became conversant with several related disciplines, in my case, analog and digital electronics, biochemistry, and biologically-relevant molecules. I have edited dozens of technical articles, science grant proposals and research papers, and medical journal articles.

  • Technical Mentor for Teachers, College Professors, and Presenters

    Schools and colleges are providing the technology to the teachers to facilitate lectures. These professionals are looking to technology consultants to best take advantage of these powerful tools.

    PowerPoint used to be the tool of choice, and still serves a purpose in organizing a lecture.

    However, history becomes more interesting and visual with Google Earth, when a teacher explores the terrain of Santa Helena Island, where Napoleon was exiled. Online timelines that you can drag to peruse media clips can help the "visual" student to recognize the sequence of events leading up to a major episode in history.

    Animation can help teach a student how to use an instrument, vehicle, or software application.