Today's web is more powerful than ever. A website can replace many tools like database programs, smart phone apps, and contact management. Moreover, the web powers online meetings, whether used for business, personal, or an online classroom. In reality, many large-scale business applications combine server and desktop with web for maximum functionality.


  • Today's Browsers: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • Dynamic: ColdFusion & PHP
  • Design: Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks
  • Skype, Google+, Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  • 1- Calculation in Construction and Engineering

    Internal "Intranet" sites coupled with web applications are often used to conduct the business of a company and are typically secure, password-protected portals. They encourage multi-locale teamwork.

    This construction website was envisioned by a contractor who wanted to reduce the time it took to create a quote estimate. With the web application, a full day of work would take less than an hour.

    The website is programmed in ColdFusion, and has a backend database to capture the quotes for permanent retrieval.

  • 2- Building a Family Business in Optics

    Myoptica was an ecommerce business that sold Zeiss optical instruments. Since product returns were very undesirable given the exclusivity of the product, the website provided detailed specifications to minimize poor product selection.

    Built in ColdFusion and MS Access, the site was later purchased by the sole U.S. wholesaler of the product under a four-year contract. With a Zeiss-associated search, this website has always gathered excellent unsponsored SEO, often appearing on the first page of Google without incurring sponsorship costs.

  • 3- Promoting Great Schools

    Keeping enrollment at acceptable levels is often a challenge for private and religious schools. Creating a website with dual purposes, that is, a news source for the parents and a marketing tool for prospective families, helped to attract many new preschool parents at OLPH School in Riverside, according to surveys given the families.

    Besides local residents, families planning to transfer to the area from out-of-state gleaned enough inviting information about the school to visit and potentially register. Often the best marketing tool is demonstrating to prospective parents how well you communicate to your current families.

    Web design can be a team effort that requires programming the graphic design into a reality. As tools evolve, so must the programmer.

    Although the original design specified a Flash photo viewer, a jquery photo viewer was put in its place so that the slideshow could be viewable on a smart phone or iPad.

  • 4- Online Training from the Ground Up

    Being early adopters of online training, with few tools available, the task of providing an online safe environment training included creating the training application that displayed the training materials from the ground up.

    The process involved writing the Adobe ColdFusion program to present the training content, creating the SQL Server database, adapting the content for the web, designing assessments for online training completion, peppering the training with simple graphics, and providing printed certification.

    This training is multi-lingual: English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Without knowledge of Vietnamese, the translated Asian languages documents could be integrated in the database, in parallel with the English records, and then, through unicode, presented on the web browser. This task also included providing phone technical support in both English and Spanish.

  • 5- Online Applications & Surveys

    Oftentimes, the web is about saving time and money. Years ago, a non-profit collected fairly complex demographic data from all its locales by sending out floppy disks with a database for each to fill in. At the time, that was a fairly easy way to collect statistical data that could then be combined for reporting.

    With the web providing the necessary remote communication tools, I created a protocol whereby all of the questions were placed on the website, and locales provided with private passwords. Each office was able complete these yearly surveys in a matter of hours, with final reports generated hours after the last entry had been made. This application has been working successfully for 8 years now.

  • 6- When Your Website does the Cold Calling

    No need to do cold calling when clients can see a detailed website with your products and services. These small business owners suddenly got calls from all over the country.

  • 7- A Website for the Elderly Engineer

    How does one design a website for a retired engineer who is experiencing the eighth and ninth decades of life?

    The website was first created in HTML, and then, the engineer was provided with Adobe Contribute. After all, a true engineer wants control of his own content, right?

    This website is SDMonorail, a large and complex website with maps, images and plenty of ideas. The soapbox is still in business.

  • 8- Serving and Protecting

    Effective web design has a lot in common with a security business. One must look good when one shows up, but the job hasn't yet begun. The identity and reputation of the customer must be protected in the social rating sites. The location and contact information for the business must be scoped for accuracy. Social media must be patrolled for incursions, and evaluated for fact-checking.

    The Covenant Security and Patrol website was created using Zurb Foundation, which is a responsive front-end framework allowing web developers to create one set of code that will adapt automatically to various devices, regardless of size. Rather than just shrinking the website to iPhone size, requiring pinching the screen to read content, the site rearranges vertically so that it can be simply scrolled with a finger.

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