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DBA Laurie Mena


I am a veteran computer programmer with a substantial background in science, software engineering, web programming, database development, online education, and computer hardware. Before entering web and database programming, I wrote energy management programs and flight command-and-control programs in various assembly languages.

A person's education should never cease or go stale, a statement so much more true when referring to computer technology and science careers. I make it my responsibility to keep up with technology. Branching into artistic pursuits made possible by Photoshop, promoting through Indesign, creating short web videos in Premiere Pro, and even delving into open source software, creativity never goes hungry.

Adobe Flash was the tool-of-choice for animation in the last decade. That is no longer quite as true. Because of the high overhead, Steve Jobs chose not to integrate Adobe Flash compatibility in his iPad/iPhone products. Not only has Adobe created a converter that is appropriate for use in some circumstances, but web standards are producing more "lean" tools that can work with virtually all desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones. Animations must now be created so they won't overwhelm a customer's data plan.

In fact, responsive design (and all of its synonyms), coupled with HTML 5, jQuery, CSS3, and Zurb Foundation are invaluable tools for website design. The flow of new devices won't wait for old website technologies to catch up.

My experience also includes writing and editing publications, including technical, scientific and medical papers. I collaborated in the research for several scientific papers, and have written successful grant proposals. In the college classroom and lab, I have taught chemistry and computer science. Bilingual (English and Spanish) with some literacy in French, Italian, German and Latin, I have taught computer technology and applications in Spanish, my second language.

Services are not limited to engineering and science. After all, effective software engineers must learn to speak the language of many trades and professions. Among these, I have written legal case management database software, construction estimation, preschool attendance and billing, social services, online training, and small business sales programs and websites. In the course of my career, I have prepared taxes, and delved into the theory behind sales history and demand.

In 2006, I designed and coded (Coldfusion) an online training course and SQL Server database focusing on child safety and mandated reporting. Besides program updates, I manage the database, create supporting content, and provide technical support for trainees and administrators. I also created a related resource for families to promote Internet safety.

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