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DBA Laurie Mena

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A mentor is not a person with all the answers. A mentor is a person who teaches others how to seek advice from appropriate sources, further educate themselves in the subject at hand, analyze benefits and liabilities, and formulate a best path for a successful outcome. Our present-day world is complex, with opportunities taking shape in every possible direction. Even as adults, the uncharted paths can be confusing and overwhelming.

My mentoring "startup" began high school, taking shape with activities that ranged from volunteering in the Key Club, teaching preschoolers as a part of a high school "wonderology" program, and tutoring in math and sciences. Mentoring quickly incorporated choral music, where the discipline of musicianship could help young people to overcome a lack of momentum and self-esteem.

Tech consulting is a form of mentoring. Clients are experts in their principal business; consequently, they are accustomed to applying a high level of knowledge to their own discipline. Today, successful businesses rely heavily on high-tech tools. At times, there is frustration because the time and resources are lacking to develop expertise in vital digital media tools.

A tech mentor can describe the possible paths a customer can take, and the pros and cons to each direction. The software and materials are provided, as well as the training the staff needs to incorporate these instruments in their daily practices at a high comfort level. Tech mentoring involves helping to change the culture of the company so that appropriate hi-tech implementations are managed correctly rather than feared by personnel.

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