My name is Laurie Mena, and I am a veteran software engineer currently focusing on web application and database design. Based in Riverside, California, I am available in the Inland Empire, and also able to web commute outside the geographical area.





Riverside, California


M.S. Analytical Chemistry

U.C. Riverside

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DBA Laurie Mena

Even when applied to non-technical areas, STEM has been the focal point of my career.

MS in Analytical Chemistry and 7 years of scientific research with data analysis. Classroom teaching experience in chemistry laboratory. Science fair judging in varied venues over a 28-year period.

Decades experience as a computer programmer, database, and web designer. Rudimentary hardware experience configuring systems and repairing machines with replacement components. Basic Operating System and Network theory.

Software engineer designing command and control interfaces for digital and analog electronic inputs and outputs. System engineer for overall data movement in a system that sychronized HIPAA data from a wide area network connection to a local Server, and then to a handheld smart device, also providing data for an ASP website.
+ M = MATH:

Interwoven fundamentally throughout the software and sciences. Assembly language in an embedded device, in particular, requires extensive mathematical integration and facility with hexadecimal math.

Instrumental and choral music are favorite sidelines, and I consider music a part of STEM, as certain genres help to inspire productivity AND guidance in these brain-crunching areas.

+ M = MUSIC:

The most pleasant mathematical brain exercise known to mankind - vocal, instrumental, director.

Implementation strategies for online and hybrid education are exciting paths which also require extensive, yet varied, experience outside the field of software. In fact, one of the beauties of being a programmer is learning multiple disciplines beyond the coding in order to create the best possible web presence and application utility.

Most important is communicating technical issues in a format that is easy to understand. Not everyone has a technical background, and the terminology, ACRONYMS, tools, and challenges can create a barrier for many people. These seven years providing phone technical support to online trainees who are computer-literate, computer-illiterate, young, elderly, non-English speakers, persons calling from overseas, etc. has been exciting and challenging, but also a testament to the fact that one can communicate difficult concepts if the heart and mind is applied.

Let's clear up a few misconceptions: I DID NOT create a high tech, angel-funded start-up in my garage as a high school student, which resulted in a headlines-grabbing IPO. Nevertheless, that which defined my career began in high school: I believe in mentoring and life-long learning.

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